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About the Crypto Tax Summit

At the Crypto Tax Summit you will learn the most cutting-edge tax and legal strategies to save on your tax bill with Crypto, NFTs and doing business in the Metaverse!! The Summit is led by Tax Attorneys Mark J. Kohler and Mat Sorensen, with over 10 other leading experts as speakers at the Event.

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What to Expect
  • ALL recorded content available from the summit
  • Hosted by 15+ Tax, Legal, and Industry Experts speaking on Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and the Metaverse
  • Receive the first-ever national “Crypto Taxation Certification” (The Certification Exam will be available for 1 month). Purchase here.
  • Recordings are available for 4 months following the event!

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Our Speakers

Our speakers are the nations leading experts in the industry of Crypto Tax.

Mark J. Kohler

CPA & Attorney

Mat Sorensen


Mayor Francis Suarez

City of Miami

Anthony Pompliano

Entrepreneur and Investor

Justin Custardo

MetaMoney Host/Brand Manager

 Lorenzo Abbatiello

Partner at Origins Group

Laura Shin

Author of “The Cryptopians”

Miles Fuller

Head of Government Solutions at TaxBit & Former Senior Counsel at the IRS

Derren Joseph, EA

International Tax Advisor

T.J. Campbell

Web 3.0 Metaverse Specialist

Darren Cherrington

Tax and Cryptocurrency Attorney

Stephanie Brooks

CPA and Tax Attorney

Joanna Garzilli

Crypto Business Development Officer at Directed IRA

Derrick Wilson

NFT Creator & Consultant

Learn More About Derrick

With a vision in mind and a passion for innovation, I founded Sionis. My vision is to bridge the gap between your product or creation and this wonderful new world of Web3 through partnerships and community. I am passionate about Web3 ecosystems and blockchain technology because this technology enables the creator to own their asset and apply it however they see fit. I love the ability artist have now to take control of their creations and provide utility to their art in ways we never thought imaginable.

I am a US Navy Veteran, serving as an Electrician Technician, specializing in the repair and maintenance of complex technical systems onboard US Submarines. I have an aptitude for translating technical information and applying it to a current project or mission. My code of honor is Honesty, Communication, and Accountability. I strive to make the world a better place. I treat everyone as equals, never making assumptions and showing the utmost respect for all. I am pursuing my bachelor’s in Business with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship.

Remy Campbell

Co-founder of Collector’s Club modified DAO
Creator of the Into The Metaverse brand. 

Jamar James

Crypto Consultant & Strategiest
Learn More About Jamar

Jamar James, affectionately known as “The Digital Currency Guy,” is a strong crypto advocate for financial freedom and independence. Jamar leads a trading mastermind community called DCG Mastermind, that empowers entrepreneurs in the digital asset area.
In addition to teaching others,  Jamar has a unique way he is utilizing community DAO’s, NFT’s and trading in a private investment club.  Jamar has helped thousands of people embrace crypto, and is a leader in crypto trading and NFT collectibles. 

Grant Haseley

Gamming Expert
Learn More About Grant

Grant Haseley is the Executive Director and Founder of Undead Blocks, the world’s first AAA play-to-earn FPS zombie shooter. Grant brings over an unparalleled passion and vision for gamer empowerment and digital asset ownership that relate to his days working in Banking. Grant was most recently a Vice President for M&T Bank specializing in Data Analytics and previously worked at Goldman Sachs as an Analyst in their Securities Lending division. Grant graduated with a BS in Mathematics from the University at Buffalo

Register Today and Save Thousands on Future Crypto Transactions

Register Today and Save Thousands on Future Crypto Transactions

About Us

Mark Kohler founder of KKOS and Mat Sorensen Partner, are on a mission to change the nation by providing the best Tax & Legal education available to small business owners and investors. Over the years, they have held, in combined experience, hundreds of events recorded thousands of hours of educational content, and have had more than 15,000,000 views and downloads on YouTube and their podcasts.

The Crypto Tax Summit is another way they are serving the everyday business owner and investor to keep more of their hard-earned money.

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